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Worst Karaoke Songs to sing!

There’s nothing like a bit of karaoke to get everyone out of their shell. It’s a great way to get different people involved, to liven up a party or event and create some fantastic memories. This is particularly true when great songs are sung - the classics that have everyone on their feet. However, choosing a song that is a sure winner is a difficult task. You have the battle of finding something that hasn’t been chosen already, that you enjoy singing and that will be a hit with everyone else. Selecting a bad song isn’t only a poor choice on the night, but the video evidence that will no doubt be shown at countless social gatherings in the future, should be enough to put you off. Here are five of the worst karaoke songs to sing.

Barbie World - Aqua

If you ever meet anyone that claims to love this song, take it as a big red flag. Some might see it as a great chance to duet with their other half, but the reality is no one can make the song sound good -, particularly after a couple of cocktails. It’s cheesy, it’s autotuned to an inch of its life and it should be on the karaoke burn list.

Puppy Love - Donny Osmond

If you’re looking for a song that’s so cheesy it will have people feeling nauseous, this is your number. Even Donny Osmond, who topped the UK charts and reached no3 in the US charts with this rendition of the song quickly came to resent it. He found it defined him as a "teenybopper" and couldn't be taken seriously as a legitimate artist. Word of advice, steer clear on your next karaoke night.

I’ll Make Love to You — Boyz II Men

Unless you’re looking to serenade a room of onlookers with your own rendition of this classic Boyz II Men hit, we recommend leaving it firmly on the “no” list of karaoke choices. The song has won a fair amount of awards but don't take this as a sign that people want to be reminded of this tune any time soon.

My Heart Will Go On — Celine Dion

Written for the movie Titanic, this is a real classic - but isn't so popular when it comes to karaoke. While you might want to fantasise about your own Jack and Rose love story, belting out this tune is more likely to have potential dating candidates running for the exit than flocking the stage. It’s dramatic and maudlin notes are best left for when you sing to yourself in the shower than halfway through a jovial party.

My Humps - The Black Eyed Peas

While this song might have been a hit for the Black Eyed Peas, it's also had its fair share of criticism. The words "my humps" are repeated 38 times throughout the song and a poll in July 2012 from the UK Global Gathering Dance music festival voted it as having the worst lyrics in dance music. If you’re flicking through karaoke options, this is one we’d recommend you steer clear of.

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