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What are the greatest Karaoke Songs of ALL time?

Karaoke is one of those things in life that you either love or you love to hate. Even the most self-professed singing hater will be found belting out the bars to a Madonna classic by the end of an evening. Whether you’re a wannabe Beyonce or someone that can’t carry a tune to save your life, it really doesn’t matter. Karaoke is open to everyone and anyone and is the best way to bring together a room. If you’re thinking of having a party and are wondering just what karaoke tunes to sing to, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the greatest karaoke songs of all time…

Can't get you out of my head - Kylie

A real disco revival song, Can't Get You Out Of My Head is a tune known by all generations. With a five month reign in the top 40 back in the late 90s, it soon went on to become the most-played tune of the 2000s according to PRS for Music. With its catchy and easy to follow chorus (the song is sometimes known as "The La La Song” thanks to the chorus of “la la la la la la la la” being sung over and over) it’s a clear karaoke winner!

Wonderwall - Oasis

When it gets towards the end of an evening and everyone’s feeling a bit emotional and wants to sing their hearts out, Wonderwall is an ideal choice. The first song for Oasis to release in the US, it quickly became their biggest hit and is still known as an absolute classic.

Angels - Robbie Williams

It wouldn’t be karaoke without someone warbling to “Angels” mid-way through the evening and with good reason. This tune spent 27 weeks in the UK chart and is Williams' top selling song. It’s often considered one of the top karaoke songs of choice.

I wanna dance with somebody - Whitney Houston

I wanna dance with somebody is a real classic and has had a few stints in the charts both before and after the sad death of Whitney Houston. The song is upbeat and fun but also has an emotional undertone, making it the ideal song when you really want to let your hair down and sing at the top of your voice. With powerful ballads, memorable lyrics and plenty of opportunities to both sing and dance, it's an unbeatable choice to sing.

Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond

Sweet Caroline was written by Neil Diamond for his second wife Marcia Murphey, however he had to change the name to Caroline to fit the beat. Since then, he's changed the narrative multiple times to fit the occasion. The song is fun, easy to sing and has a chorus that it feels we're all born knowing the lyrics to. No matter how good you are at singing, this is sure to be a hit at your next karaoke evening,

Mr Brightside - The Killers

It's hard to believe that when Mr Brightside was released, it only lasted four weeks in the UK top 100. Since then, it's gone on to achieve incredible success and is the soundtrack to many wedding receptions, parties and gatherings, year after year. The song is favoured for its catchy beat and heartfelt chorus that you can really put your heart and soul into!

Dancing Queen - ABBA

Dancing Queen was the only one of ABBA's 14 US Top 40 hits to make it to #1 and its immense popularity is still seen today. It’s one of those songs that’s guaranteed to get everyone singing along - particularly the chorus and is as catchy as it is fun to sing.

The next time you’re considering adding karaoke to your party, wedding or gathering, these are just a few of the songs you don’t want to miss! Whether you’re looking to have your moment with a solo ballad, to sing with friends or duet with your other half, there are so many to choose from. To hire our exclusive Karaoke caravan for karaoke with a twist, take a look at our website or get in touch with us via phone or email.


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