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Why karaoke booth hire is an effortless way to elevate your next Christmas event

As we head into the festive season, calendars are beginning to fill and many are already getting into the seasonal spirit. One highlight of the corporate calendar is the Christmas party. This is something that enables employers to recognise the hard work of their team and for employees to let their hair down. Even the most hardcore of Christmas scrooges inwardly look forward to it and being able to relax and have fun with fellow colleagues and teammates. This is why you want to ensure it’s up to scratch and doesn’t fall flat. The last thing people want in their manic schedule is to have turned down other invites for an event that they can’t wait to escape from as soon as they arrive. You want it to be a reflection of your gratitude for their hard work and something that they’ll be talking about (for all the right reasons) for months to come. Here is why karaoke booth hire is an effortless way to elevate your next Christmas event.

Why opt for karaoke booth hire?

It brings everyone together

There is nothing quite like the power of singing to bring everyone together. Whether your guests are mesmerised by the hidden talent harboured by one of their teammates, or amusedly horrified at the octaves that are hitting their ears, it gives everyone something to focus on. Karaoke is a great team-building activity, encouraging people to sing together in duets - perhaps a rap battle! And can get people communicating that might not normally cross paths at work. Music is the best way to unite people and encourage collaboration in a fun way.

It offers something different

Christmas parties can soon feel a little stagnant if all they are offering is the same old background music, drinks and food. By adding in a karaoke booth hire you instantly up the ante, offering something entertaining and memorable to get involved in. Instead of people sitting in huddles, foot tapping on the floor feeling bored, they can take turns singing, watching each other and just having a fantastic time. With karaoke booth hire such as at Karavanaoke, you can enjoy lasers and LEDs, smoke effects, a dress-up box and so much more.

It’s effortlessly fun and not difficult to organise

Let’s face it, there’s already so much to organise as the year draws to a close that while you want your Christmas event to be a success, you don’t want to spend too much time on it. A karaoke booth hire is effortless to sort yet the benefits are much more long-lasting. It provides a whole evening of non-stop entertainment that once it’s all set up, doesn’t require you to do anything else. It’s hassle-free with a heap of rewards.

You can theme your party

Themes are a fantastic way to tie together a party and karaoke can instantly elevate this. For a festive event, why not team Christmas karaoke songs with snowflake decor and lights? You could offer food such as yule logs, turkey and cranberry sandwiches and candy canes. For drinks, theme your cocktails alongside beer and prosecco. There are so many ways you can elevate your next Christmas event simply by adding karaoke.

Top tips for karaoke booth hire at Christmas

  • Book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment

  • Plan a theme to tie your event together

  • Offer plenty of food and drinks for guests

  • Why not give out prizes for the best/worst singers?

  • Consider where you want the event to be held

  • Have a budget for your event in mind

Whether you’re nurturing the budding Mariah Carey’s at Christmas time or just looking for something different, karaoke is a no-brainer. It will get people talking, allow them to let off some steam and offer something fun to get involved in. To find out more about karaoke for your next corporate Christmas event and how we can help, check out our website at Karavanaoke or get in touch here. We can show you just how easy it is to take your party up a notch and have an event that keeps on giving.


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