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Why Corporate Events are a great idea for any business!

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

If you’re someone who hears the words “corporate event” and instantly picture a stuffy conference hall with stale shortbread and cheap coffee, you’re not alone. Yet it also doesn’t need to be the case. Corporate events can be anything from a celebratory summer shindig to a company catch-up or team-building event and offer a whole host of opportunities. According to a study by Bizzabo in 2019, 95% of marketers believe in-person events have a significant impact on achieving primary business goals and when done right, are something that everyone in the company will look forward to. Still not convinced? We explore just why corporate events are a great idea for any business.

What are the different types of corporate events?

Corporate events refer to any type of business-related event and this could include:

  • Internal Meetings

  • Product Launches

  • Seasonal Parties

  • Training

  • Conferences

Corporate events could just be limited to staff, or they might be open to the public too. Events such as product launches or conferences might extend to other business associates, members of the press or buyers. It’s important to keep the target audience in mind and consider your end goals when planning an event.

How can you leverage a Corporate Event?

When throwing a corporate event you want it to be memorable and go above and beyond. Not only will this reap success from this one event, but also open many doors for the future. Think carefully about what you can do to make this happen, from unforgettable entertainment, to the venue you choose and how you conduct the day.

Why are corporate events such a great idea for a business?

They can increase your profitability

Whether promoting a new product to press and buyers or seeking to entice new investors, corporate events are a fantastic way to enhance the audience of your business and boost sales. They can promote your company in a different light, specifically targeting certain industries and highlighting certain aspects of your offerings. Corporate events also offer the chance for you to do sponsorship and advertising deals, bringing you in additional revenue.

You can improve your brand visibility

We live and work in a time where competition is rife and buyers are more sceptical than ever. With so many products and services available at the touch of a button over the internet, the value of actually seeing and interacting with a product is more valuable than ever. Corporate events enable you to place your service or product in front of those that may want to purchase it, enabling them to build a stronger connection than just scrolling through pages on Google.

You can boost staff morale

Working day in and day out can be both mentally and physically draining which is why it’s good for your staff to have something to look forward to. A corporate event can help show your employees you appreciate everything they do and are grateful for the work they put in. By throwing a fantastic corporate event complete with fun things to do, rewards and even just a day out of the office, will go a long way in boosting morale.

You can stay ahead of your competition

Corporate events enable you to speak to employees, industry experts and other people of interest, giving you valuable insight into your company and products. This can help you to tweak and improve, offering an advantage over your competitors. Companies that aren’t afraid of change and putting themselves out there also increase their longevity rather than staying stale and offering the same thing time and time again.

You can boost productivity in the office

Corporate events are a brilliant way to bring together your teams and encourage those in different departments to meet and collaborate. Having good team relations is vital for maximum productivity and can make day to day operations run a lot smoother in the office.

Corporate events don’t need to be overly complex, but can have really great results for businesses. You want to ensure they’re fun, memorable and thrown for the right reasons. The last thing you want is an event that is dull, mundane and where everyone would actually prefer to be in the office! Speak to us at Karavanaoke to find out how we can elevate your corporate event and make it something you’ll never forget.

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