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Planning a summer event? You need Karavanaoke!

As the evenings get progressively lighter, days longer and the weather not quite so cold, it has us turning our sights to the summer. The sizzling scents of BBQs, al fresco socialising and the feel of the sun on our faces are just within reach. As are summer events. A great chance to get colleagues together outside the workplace, it’s a fantastic incentive for your workforce. From boosting morale to recognising achievements and offering an opportunity for team bonding, summer events are packed with benefits. Plus Christmas is still so long away, it's a great pick me up mid-way through the year. If you’re considering a summer event, you want it to tick all the boxes, something Karavanaoke can help you do. Here’s how…

What is Karavanaoke?

Karavanaoke is an innovative way to elevate your summer event. Offering a contemporary twist to karaoke, it’s a pop-up karaoke booth in a converted caravan that's available to rent. Not only is it super easy to add to your event, but it’s fully loaded with all you need for it to be a success. Make the most of the included props and dress-up items, thousands of tracks, lasers and LED lights as well as a haze machine. Plus, you can watch singers from outside the caravan on a 50" exterior plasma screen making sure everyone feels included. What more could you wish for?

How can Karavanaoke elevate your summer event?

As with any event, you want to ensure it’s a success. The last thing you want is for attendees to leave early, feel bored, or be put-off attending anything in the future.

It creates a talking point

With Karavanaoke you ensure there is plenty for people to do and you also create a talking point both at the time of the event and in the future. People are guaranteed to reminisce on some of the more impressive (or just memorable!) renditions of songs from their colleagues for months to come. It could be they’ve never heard a cover of their favourite song quite like the sales manager sang it, or that they didn’t realise one of their colleagues' hidden talent for ballads.

It’s something different to do

Too often events are the same, with food, drinks and little else to do apart from talk. People end up grouped in their same work cliches and there isn’t anything to keep everyone entertained. Karavanaoke offers something different that will not only tease out some of the more fun sides of people, but also that everyone is sure to enjoy.

It promotes team building

While summer events are great fun, it’s also a fantastic way to encourage team building. The stronger the connections between colleagues, the more productive they’re proven to be in the workplace. There’s nothing to ignite a bond than a heartfelt duet and Karavanaoke provides plenty of opportunities to bring people together through music. With a whole host of summer tracks loaded onto the system, there’s something for everyone. You could encourage singing competitions, with people voting for their favourites or pit different departments against each other for a little healthy rivalry!

It can easily be set up outside

If you are choosing to organise an al fresco event to make the most of the warm weather, Karavanaoke is an ideal choice of entertainment. With little to no set up required, it can easily be parked outside, in the centre of your event. You don’t need to faff around for hours assembling and disassembling something, instead, it will get brought to you ready to use and make the most of. This means you get the most from your money and it’s one less thing to tick off your list.

To find out more about Karavanaoke and book for your summer event, get in touch with us today. We would love to work with you to take it up a notch and ensure it goes without a hitch!


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