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Looking for the most unique entertainment for your Christmas party?

Christmas Parties are often the highlight of the corporate calendar. They’re a chance for employees to get together and let their hair down after a hard year of working. As well as bringing everyone together, they give employers the chance to acknowledge everyone’s achievements and deliver key corporate messages and plans for the year ahead. In essence, your Christmas party is more than just one night - it has a long-term value that will carry on for months to come - and you want it to be remembered for something better than bland sausage rolls and dire DJ music. Here we explore the top reasons to have the best and most unique entertainment at your Christmas party…

It makes it memorable

A lot of hard work and thought goes into your Christmas party so you don’t want it to fall flat. By having memorable and unique entertainment it will ensure it stands out from the crowd and doesn’t blur into the many other parties that your employees will likely be heading to during the festive season. Opt for entertainment that goes above your standard cabaret singer or comedian and instead select something that gets everyone involved. We recommend entertainment such as karaoke which is a fun way to get everyone involved and make a host of unforgettable moments. Using Karavanaoke means you can enjoy a pop-up karaoke caravan fully loaded with thousands of tracks, lasers and LEDs, smoke effects, a dress up box and so much more.

It shows your employees you care

As an employee, you want to feel you are acknowledged and appreciated by your boss. A Christmas party is one of the best ways to do this and you want to do it properly. By having entertainment that wows, inspires and leaves a mark, you can show you want to give something back. By putting real thought into what your employees will love, it will show you want to go above and beyond to make the evening a success and something they’ll really enjoy. By putting in extra effort, they will feel happier doing the same for you going forward.

It strengthens your team dynamics

The stronger your team dynamic, the more successful your company, so encouraging everyone to get along and know each other better can be a real benefit to your business. Having the best and more unique entertainment at your Christmas party can be a fantastic way to get people talking and bonding that might not have been done otherwise. An event with no entertainment might see people hanging in clicky groups and not speaking. Throw in something fun such as karaoke, dodgems or even acrobatics and soon you’ll have everyone bonding and getting to know one another. And let’s face it, nothing quite says teamwork like the marketing and sales team battling out the chorus of “Last Christmas”.

It boosts employee retention

You want employees to stay with you for the long haul. The more loyal they are, the smoother your business is run and the more successful you’ll hopefully be. While it might not seem the most obvious reason to throw a Christmas party, this annual festivity can be a real benefit to keeping your staff around. Throwing an event that goes above and beyond is a great incentive to encourage people to stick with your company and can also help grow your reputation with new recruits.

Entertainment is what can take your Christmas party from something that people can’t wait to duck out of early, to an event where you have to usher people off the dance floor at the end of the night. It can transform it from dull to great fun and have a host of benefits both on the night and going forward. To find out about how to add 5* karaoke to your event from Karavanaoke, get in touch with us via our website here. We can help add a completely new element to your Christmas party with some of the best and most unique entertainment you can hope to find…


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