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Karavanaoke’s Tips for a memorable Corporate Event

The words “corporate event” have the power to either make people think hurriedly of an excuse to get out of it, or to feel excited at the prospect of what is to come. As a business owner or someone in charge of throwing a corporate event, you want the latter to occur. This is why you want to up the ante and really think about how to throw a memorable #corporateevent. It’s much better to be known as a company that throws the best corporate events than one that’s forgotten in a matter of days. Events are a great way to bring everyone in the business together, to encourage team building and as a reward for hard work. If you are throwing a corporate event, here are some tips to ensure it’s a memorable one.

Pick a good concept for your Corporate Events

When throwing a corporate event that stands out from the rest, a theme can really help you achieve this. Consider the time of year your event is happening and whether you’re looking to highlight anything in particular. Are you celebrating a product launch? If so, why not tie it with that? If it’s during the #summer, you could have an “on the beach” theme complete with sand, nautical decor and fitting cocktails and food. Have a brainstorm and consider what would be most appreciated by those attending.

Consider the venue

When looking to throw a memorable corporate event you want a venue that has the wow factor. The type of location you choose depends on your event, its size, theme and how much you want to spend. If you are throwing something traditional and formal, why not consider a cathedral or town hall? For something more contemporary, there are a host of befitting venues with plenty of glass and modern decor. It’s worth looking around a few venues to get a feel for them and decide how you will set them up on the day.

Choose unforgettable entertainment

An event is only as good as its entertainment and when it comes to corporate events, you don’t want it to flop. One of the best forms of entertainment is #karaoke - it encourages everyone to take part, is great fun and promotes team building at the same time. After all, nothing bonds a department quite like a group rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody. Karaoke can be a main part of your event or a side activity - either way it guarantees memories will be made. Other entertainment could include a comedian, flair bartenders and casino tables.

Don’t forget the menu

Hungry or disappointed guests are never a good idea, so be sure to make the food a focus on your event as opposed to an afterthought. There are many options food-wise, you could order in a load of pizzas for everyone if you’re on a budget, or if your event is more fancy, you can do a full three-course sit down meal. Other options include buffets or food trucks. Consider the theme, your budget and the feel you are going for from your evening.

Offer rewards for employees to recognise their hard work

#Corporateevents are an ideal way for you to show your appreciation for your employees, so why not go one step further and publicly acknowledge their successes. An #awardsceremony is a fantastic way to break up an evening and also motivate staff members to succeed. You could offer prizes for the most sales, highest performing team and attainment. You could even throw in some funnier awards such as “talks the most” or “the foodie” for someone who brings in the most elaborate lunches. Think about different people’s personalities and how you can tie this in with some tongue in cheek accolades!

Corporate events have the potential to be very successful when done right and by following the above you will be well on your way. To find out more about #Karavanaoke and how we can help you create a #memorablecorporateevent, get in touch.


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