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How to throw the BEST Karaoke party!

As soon as you’ve made the decision to throw a karaoke party, you’re onto a winner. It’s something that will bring even the shiest of guests out of their shells and encourage everyone to take part and really let their hair down. Whether it’s a birthday party you’re throwing at home, an anniversary party in a local venue or a corporate party in a hall, it’s a fool-proof way to guarantee a good time. But how do you take a karaoke party from being average to being fully-blown fantastic? Where you almost have to wrangle the mics from budding Beyonce’s as the night draws to a close and unforgettable memory are made. Here we have some tips on how to throw the BEST karaoke party…

Choose pop-up karaoke that is guaranteed to impress

If you’re picturing karaoke as a blurry youtube lyric video projected onto a wall and a microphone that keeps dipping in and out, this doesn’t need to be the case. When you’re looking to impress and throw the best karaoke party, why not up the ante with karavanaoke? Precisely as it sounds, Karavanaoke is karaoke in a caravan and is available to hire for your next party or event. Fully loaded with thousands of tracks, decked out to get your guests in the party mood and packed with a dress-up box to get the singers in the mood, it has everything you could want and so much more.

Add a theme

Parties are always that bit more fun with a theme and you can have this as broad or precise as you fancy. Why not opt for a decades theme such as the 60s or 80s and encourage your guests to dress up accordingly? You could choose karaoke tracks from this era and also coordinate the food and drink too. There are many places like Pinterest where you can get some inspiration - and don’t forget to deck the venue up too to finish it all off!

Keep the food and drink flowing

Let’s face it, there's nothing like a bit of dutch courage to get people singing and dancing. Ensure you have a well-stocked selection of drinks for your guests to enjoy. It’s a good idea to have a selection of wines, beers and perhaps some cocktails if you want to add more of a fancy edge to your party. Put together some mocktails and non-alcoholic alternatives too, so those that aren’t drinking or are the designated drivers don’t have to miss out!

Have some relevant prizes to give out

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, why not encourage some healthy competition? You could offer prizes such as a bottle of bubbly or a box of chocolates as an incentive. The awards could be for things such as “best karaoke song choice” “best costume” “best singer” and you could even add in some humorous ones such as “worst singer” or “least effort made with a costume” if you are close enough with those involved!

Set up a camera for photos!

Once you’ve decided on a theme and got your karaoke set up, you want to be able to document the moment! If you have the budget you could hire a photographer to come and take photos. You could also consider hiring a photobooth or setting up a camera on a stand where people can take photos. For something a bit more budget friendly, setting up a photo corner with a backdrop is a great way to encourage guests to snap away!

Karaoke parties are a fantastic way to get everyone involved and enjoying themselves. To elevate your next karaoke party, check out karavanaoke who have everything you could possibly need. Fully loaded with thousands of tracks, fully-air conditioned, sound proofed and with a dress up box your guests are guaranteed to be impressed. Make a booking or enquire for your next party here.


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