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Entertainment ideas to elevate your Christmas party... It’s Karaoke Time!

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A Christmas party is often a highlight on the work social calendar. It’s a chance for everyone to let their hair down, have fun and celebrate the year that’s coming to an end. If you’re in charge of organising your office Christmas Events, you want to make sure it’s an event to remember and that your colleagues talk about positively for months to come. The last thing you need is a minimal turnout and everyone to have left and be heading home by 9pm. Once you’ve chosen your venue and selected your theme, the most important thing to consider is your entertainment. The #entertainment you choose can make or break a #Christmas party so you want to ensure you choose well. Here we take a look at some ideas that are sure to be a hit…

Have a karaoke competition!

Nothing gets people involved and having fun quite like karaoke. Crack open the prosecco, grab a box of props and soon you’ll have even the shiest team member warbling away to Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” before the night is out. Karavanaoke provides a pop-up karaoke caravan for your event that can fit up to six guests and is fully loaded with thousands of tracks for guests to choose between. With lasers, LED lights, smoke machines and a dress-up box it has all you need for a 5* #karaoke evening. It also provides the perfect spot for people to watch (and listen) from the outside should they wish. We guarantee you’ll have people queued up to sing all night long!

Choose themed entertainment

Another great idea to keep people engaged and your #Christmasparty elevated is to choose entertainment that has a theme interwoven within it. For example, if you decide on a winter wonderland theme, you could have an ice sculptor or a fancy dress competition. You could opt for a great gatsby theme and have dance lessons, or you could opt for a Christmas theme and have festive cocktail making. Why not accompany these with #karaoke songs chosen to complement the theme at hand?

Hire a comedian

After a long year of work, people want to have a laugh and let their guard down - something a comedian is great for. With a comedian, everyone can get everyone involved, they aren’t too expensive and they will guarantee no one is bored. You could hire one to warm the evening up, to make people laugh during dinner, or to kickstart the entertainment once everyone has eaten - the choice is up to you.

Rent out games for everyone to play

If you have a larger budget, why not consider renting out some funfair games? There are many firms that have things such as dodgems, coconut throwing or festival-themed bucking bronco. You could also consider casino tables for example if you are having a James Bond-themed night that is great for getting everyone involved and actively engaged in the evening. If you don’t want to spend as much, why not consider giant classic board games such as snakes & ladders or jenga?

Have a live band

As well as karaoke, why not hire a live band to accompany your night? They could play in the background or have more of a centre stage role where they encourage people to get on the dance floor. Live bands are a great option to have alongside other entertainment to keep the party going, plus they can keep revellers entertained in between their Karavanaoke sessions!

These are just a few entertainment ideas guaranteed to elevate your Christmas party. By choosing a form of entertainment attendees won’t just be milling around waiting for an acceptable time to leave. These will ensure they have fun and the evening is memorable right from the off. To find out more about Karavanaoke and our #karaoke packages, get in touch with us via our website today!


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